Vietnam Work Permit Service

Foreigners working on a permanent basis for a Vietnamese business, organization or individual or for a business with foreign investment in Vietnam are obliged to fulfill all the conditions and must have a Labor Permit.

We are honoured to gain your faith in our legal services on work permit application, and work permit extension for foreigners and foreign professionals/experts. Below is information on work permit application for foreigners, and/or professionals/experts:


Please prepare and submit the following documents to us (our office and contact are addressed below)

DOCUMENT 1: A Criminal Check Record issued by appropriate foreign authorities in the locality where the foreigners resided before moving to Viet Nam. In case where the foreigners have resided in Vietnam for over six months, they should only submit the Form of criminal record issued by the Department of Justice in the locality where they are living.

DOCUMENT 2: Medical certificate issued in the foreign countries; if the laborer is residing in Vietnam, health certificate must to be granted under the regulations of the Health Ministry according to the cities.

DOCUMENT 3: One out of all copies of professional skill certificates commensurate with certain cases as follows:

- Legal copies of certificates on professional skills such as bachelor, master, doctor and certificates on qualifications commensurate with the professions and enquiries of employee users.

- Written documents of at least 5-years’ experiences in managing manufacture provided by competent authorities of their country attesting to their qualifications and experience if foreigners are craftsmen of traditional crafts or are persons having experience, but no formal certificates.

DOCUMENT 4: 5 (five) color photos (size 3cm x 4 cm) with bare head, taken frontally, showing clearly the face and 2 ears and no glasses with white background and taken no longer than 06 (six) months from the date of registration.

DOCUMENT 5: One out of the applications for issuance of work permits of the Vietnamese labor users/organizations as follows:

A) Notarized Copies of your employer's business registration certificate (2 copies)
B) Hard Copies of passport
(2 copies)


1.    Normal Processing: 16 working days for 3 year work permit - 250 USD
2.    Urgent Processing: 8 working days for 3 year work permit - 300 USD


-       Please make sure all of your documents are notarized by authorities
-       Fees will be refunded in FULL if an application is declined

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